Today, the folks in Canada are celebrating their Thanksgiving so in honor of Canada Thanksgiving;  here are my Top 5 Things I have Thankful that Canada gave us.

5. Poutine - Cheese, gravy and fries....Um....YES PLEASE!!


4. Peanut Butter - Yep...that wonderful tasty paste on your sandwich was discovered by a Canadian!!  It was patented in 1884 by Marcellus Edson of Canada, who discovered it by milling roasted peanuts between two heated surfaces.


3. Instant Replay - Yep getting the correct call (most of the time) was invented for CBC's Hockey Night In Canada!

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2. IMAX - Like watching movies on MASSIVE Screens? Thank a Canadian! IMAX was invented by Roman Kroiter, a Canadian film pioneer.

Getty Images for IMAX

1. Shania Twain - Um...need I say more?

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