We've had a great summer for sunshine and warmth, but the rest of this week will be much different.

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Starting Wednesday evening, a warm front will sweep through Western New York that could bring heavy winds and rain, according to WGRZ.

Thursday could be the day to look out for, however. Humidity levels will rise dramatically, while a cold front moves through at the same time. This could spark severe thunderstorms with heavy rain, winds and even, a "tornado or two," according to WGRZ.

The best chance for these severe storms will be between 1 pm and 10 pm on Thursday.

...but wait, there's more.

Friday and Saturday will also see unsettled weather in Western New York. Friday night should see rain, while late Friday, through Saturday could see Hurricane Laura remnants along with passing rain showers.

Be aware of the severe weather threat starting Wednesday night and keep an umbrella handy through Saturday. This could potentially be the most unsettled weather week we've had this summer.

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