Dolphins fans, and some on the media, have been pushing the idea that Tua Tagovailoa is going to have a big year and isn't getting the respect he deserves. Yeah, OK.

It's not hate for Tua. Let's settle that right away. He has a tough job. Being a quarterback in the National Football League is probably the hardest job in all of sports. He has to have the talent to be in the spot he is in. In fact, EVERYONE who has been on an NFL field and played at all has to have some kind of talent, or else they'd never have been given a shot. That's especially true today. Tua had a great college career and earned the right to play in the NFL.

It's just too bad he plays for the Dolphins.

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This is hate for the Dolphins and their 10 fans. They are a joke of an organization that recently was punished, rather hard, for cheating. They tried to lure another cheater, Tom Brady, away from the Patriots and then the Bucs when they weren't allowed to do so. That's just the most recent issue.

For Buffalo Bills fans, life is good with Josh Allen, but we've had to hear a lot of trash talk from the 8 Dolphins fans out there about how Josh is, somehow, trash (even though he destroys the Fins when he plays them) and Tua is somehow going to get us this year.

Yes, they traded for Tyreek Hill who was a torn in the Bills' side in the playoffs. He's a great player. He needs someone to throw him the ball though, and Tua... well... this stat is eye-opening about the quality of QB he is:

Is this mean? Yes. Do I care? No. See, all 6 Dolphins fans have been really loud about Tua while he's been throwing *dimes* like this:

You get that this doesn't happen at Bills camp, right? Like yeah, it did 3 years ago with Josh, but every year he's gotten this thing called BETTER and become elite. This is a Tuesday for Tua. He doesn't; have it, you know it, and all 3 of you are going to need to accept that. The Dolphins are doing to suck unless they magically fix him or figure out something else.

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