When you're a sports fan, you deal with trash-talking. It's just something that has become a part of the landscape. Fans of opposing teams make fun of your team, and maybe you partake and do the same to their team.

If you follow sports closely on social media, you have probably seen countless tweets and Facebook posts that do as much trash-talking as humanly possible, even if it's gibberish, just to say something is enough.

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Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins fans have been talking "smack" to one another to decades. Before social media and message boards, fans had to wait until the actual games to say what they wanted to.

On Tuesday night and into today, the NFL world has been talking about a video the Miami Dolphins tweeted out.

It shows starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa throwing a long pass to newly acquired wide receiver, Tyreek Hill during practice.

The throw was shown in a close up view, but appears to be underthrown...that's all it took for Bills fans to come at Dolphins fans for it.

Big time NFL media reporters and analysts also tweeted their thoughts.

Mina Kimes of ESPN even quoted a tweet that is a Miami Dolphins fan who created a very hilarious niche of grainy videos regarding Tua.

It was underthrown, but you knew fans would run with it immediately? Why? Because it's social media and that's just what will always happen, especially with sports fans.

I'm excited for Bills and Dolphins games in 2022. Tua is a question mark, but the rest of their team is good and should contend for a playoff spot.

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