Chickenfoot and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith seems to have checked out one of Van Halen‘s two Madison Square Garden shows in New York City last week, and as you can see from this photo, he was welcomed with open arms by the Van Halen clan.

Both Smith and Van Halen bassist Wolfgang Van Halen tweeted about this mighty rock summit, with the youngest Van Halen enthusing “Met @RHCPchad tonight! Great dude,’ and Smith renaming himself “Long lost brother Chad ‘turtleballs’ Van Halen” and declaring the foursome “a handsome group.”

It’s nice to see some friendliness among the two camps, especially after Chickenfoot (and former Van Halen) singer Sammy Hagar has fired some pretty uncomplimentary words at the Van Halen brothers in recent months. After all, it’s only rock and roll, right?

You can see another photo of Smith and Van Halen’s meeting over at VHlinks, and if you still feel like engaging in a bit of competitive fun, be sure to vote for which of the two groups’ new albums you think rocks the most over at our Chickenfoot Vs. Van Halen readers’ poll.

Van Halen finally plays Buffalo tonight. Jack FM will be pregaming at the Cobblestone prior to the show, and playing all the Van Halen We Want after the show so tune in while you're stuck in traffic.