Everyone has that one thing they wish for every year that would absolutely complete their holiday season, and for one Western New York woman, all she wants for Christmas is a place to live. 

After a horrific fire engulfed the two story home at 21 Columbus Avenue, two families have been left displaced, including Lynn, a single mother of 4 children. 

On the afternoon of Dec. 10, they lost their home in what appears to be an electrical fire, though the investigation is ongoing with the fire marshal who has yet to confirm. 


Lynn, in particular, has a lot of medical problems, so the smoke inhalation she sustained in the fire actually compromised her breathing more than it should have due to bad lung problems and being diagnosed with emphysema, a disease that develops over time and causes gradual damage of lung tissue. 

Everything in the home was burned up, including Lynn’s monthly supply of breathing medication. 


It’s the holiday season, and this is a tragedy for both families involved, who are now without a home for the holidays. The family is asking for any help you can give to help them get back on their feet and into a safe home (hopefully) before the Christmas holidays. 


On top of the house burning up, almost all of the Christmas gifts and presents for the children burned. Most of them are too damaged to salvage.

If you would like to help one of the struggling families, there is a GoFundMe, and you can make a donation here.  

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