One of the best parts of summer is heading to an amusement park. You’ve been to a few amusement parks in your day and been on the same rides over and over again. It can get old after awhile and you wish someone would come up with ideas to spice up these boring rides.

We’re right there with you, so here are 10 amusement park rides we wish existed.

1. Orgasm-inducing double looped roller coaster.

2. Ice cream log flume.

3. Fart noise bumper cars.

4. Hot box maze with a Taco Bell at the end.

5. Parachute Ferris Wheel  (You jump from the top!)

6. A merry-go-round with REAL animals.

7. Naked Fun House.

8. Tea cups that don’t spin, but are actually filled with chamomile tea.

9. A haunted house filled with puppies in costumes.

10. Ski lift with drink service.

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