We are just 10 days away from the regular season when the Buffalo Bills will kickoff against the Los Angeles Rams.  Today, we look at the #10 and the players who have worn it.

The number 10 has changed a lot for the Buffalo Bills in just the last couple of years.  We've seen players like Robert Woods and Mitch Trubisky in that number.  This year it will be new draft pick Khalil Shakir.  But today, we're going to talk about another rather outspoken player who wore the #10 for the Bills.

It feels like most of the players we are highlighting leading up to kickoff are incredibly "unspoken" players who are currently on the roster, or who have played for the Bills in the past.  The same is true for Cole Beasley.

He was a free agent pickup from the Dallas Cowboys and before he even caught his first pass, he was praising both the fans and the facilities to doubters from Dallas.  He seemed really excited to come here.

Bills fans were pumped to see him coming to the 716.  He was hell on the field and even more outspoken in life.

He was good for the Bills too.  It seemed like whenever there was a crucial third down that needed to be converted, Josh Allen could always count on Beasley to be in the right place to get it done.

He started out wearing the #10, but switched to #11 in 2020.

Many of his fans were torn, however, when the pandemic began as he was one of the few to speak out publicly against the vaccine.  He refused to get the vaccination and many thought that put his team in a bad spot.  If he lost time because he contracted COVID-19, they thought the team would suffer.

Beasley only missed one game due to COVID.  He played through broken ribs, and even a broken leg in the playoffs and although he was one of the smallest players on the team was easily also one of the toughest.

The Bills will be without Beasley this year.  He was not offered a new contract after the 2021 season and is currently a free agent.

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