This morning on a local news show, local developer Rocco Termini announced his idea to move the Buffalo Bills to Hamilton, ON.

The greatest problem facing the Bills here in Western New York is their "inability to sell high-priced corporate suites," Termini told Channel 2 News, because the area isn't home to companies' headquarters (which is, you know, false).

Termini has his hands in a lot of projects that are and could be really, really great for downtown and the Western New York region -- but this is just a dumb idea. Rather than move the Bills to Hamilton, here are 10 things we should consider moving there instead.

  1. Bass Pro (oh, wait...)
  2. Tonawanda Coke and Love Canal
  3. Canadian shoppers
  4. Today's weather
  5. The old Peace Bridge, to make way for the new one (oh, wait...)
  6. Our plethora of boarded-up buildings
  7. Local politicians
  8. All of the (not-funny) jokes about our winter weather
  9. The Skyway
  10. Artvoice (JK, we're over that)

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