After the Supreme Court today voted to uphold Obamacare, CNN got to work reporting the decision, as any good news organization would. The problem is, they got it wrong. But they weren't alone: The Buffalo News reported the decision incorrectly, too. So did Fox News, but, really, what did you expect?

The reporting gaffe spawned a rash of fake CNN headlines on Twitter, which got me thinking: What fake headlines would Buffalonians love to see pop up on the national (or, heck, even local) news?

Ralph Wilson Sells Bills to Jim Kelly

Grand Island Tolls Removed

Buffalo's Population Increases

New Peace Bridge Plan Approved, Will Open in 2013

Scott Norwood Leads Bills to Victory in Super Bowl XXV

Skyway to be Demolished

College Graduates Shun Silicon Valley, NYC in Favor of Buffalo

Comedian Makes Buffalo Joke Not Related to Snow, Chicken Wings or Sports


What other fake headlines can you come up with?

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