Val Townsend and I have 2 different experiences when it comes to dating.  Besides the obvious fact that she is a girl and I am a guy, she has actual experience dating in 2017 and I haven't done it since 1997.  I'm sure not much has changed and all the same rules still apply from when I was dating...

According to Elite Daily, there are 10 things that you should avoid talking about on a first date.  Some of these I agree with and some others I don't, but I do have advice for all of them.  Guys and gals if you follow this game plan you will be a master-dater!

  1. Your Ex - you shouldn't do this unless your ex was better looking than your current date.  Let them know that right away.
  2. Money - I disagree...guys, you should hint that you didn't get paid yet or you owe child support, or have a gambling habit so she picks up the check.
  3. Politics - Do people really disagree about this subject??
  4. Religion - Guys, let her know you're a everytime.
  5. Family background - Don't talk about this unless your date has a hot sibling.
  6. Sexual experience - Why not, it's like a resume.  Just start listing it off.
  7. Sex in general - I agree, but if you have a great story about sex at the Dollar General, I say tell it.
  8. Marriage - Ladies, that's not gonna scare anybody off. Go ahead with it.
  9. Secrets - I agree you shouldn't tell secrets, unless it's like bank passwords and stuff.
  10. Work drama - This is a good one, but don't feel like you can't unload about your boss and your plans to blow up the building.


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