Buffalo at one point has been the butt of a lot of jokes. The weather, the economy, people even joke that we are located in the part of the country that is affectionately known as "The Rust Belt" along with Rochester and Cleveland (just to name a few). But when people tease us on where we are now, I feel compelled to give them a brief history of how great Buffalo is, not only now but how it really rocked when this country was really just getting started.

If you ever doubt how well this area was doing back at the turn of the 20th century take a ride up Delaware Avenue from North to Bryant. Affectionately known as Millionaire's Row. If you want to be even more impressed visit the Olmstead Park System. The site of the 1901 Pan-American Exposition.

The Albright Knox Art Gallery is the crown jewel of Deleware Park but it's not the third-oldest institution of its kind in this country. To see and visit the place that holds that honor you need to cross the way to the other side to visit The Buffalo Zoo.

Yes, The Buffalo Zoo is celebrating more than 140 years of entertaining families and taking care of a wide array of creatures and critters from all over the country and world. And most recently the zoo had an addition to its family. On Saturday, October 16th Tashi a female rhino was born.


Tashi is a long way from, as the Buffalo Zoo states, having only a few deer, some sheep, bison, and elk in the begging of it all. To learn more about the zoo CLICK HERE

I try and get out to the zoo at least once a year. It is meditative to walk around and visit with all that occupies the habitats. Plus, you can talk to them openly because they don't judge. Well except that one Spotted Hyena, it just laughs at me.

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