I have always have had great memories of The Buffalo Zoo. School field trips, family outings, and even first dates. I am old enough to remember one of the most popular attractions. Do you remember Eddie The Ape? Yeah, he was truly an interesting character and if you ever encountered his unique sense of humor you understood why they had to put up a plexiglass partition between his cage and patrons. He truly liked to have"it" HIT the fan or in his case people looking at him.

Well, there is a new addition to the zoo as WGRZ reports and it is big news. Seriously this is big. The newborn came in at 130 pounds. I wonder how long the mother had to hang out in labor.

Tashi is the zoo's greater one-horned rhino and she is so cute and so big. Mother Nature is truly amazing. Life, in general, is such a precious gift, and the fact that these amazing animals exist, not only in a controlled environment but in the wild is really mind-blowing when you think about it.

Learn more about Tashi and her parents and see more great pictures of Tashi HERE. And try and get to the Buffalo Zoo to visit her in person all while the weather is still nice enough to hang out outdoors.

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