It's mid-December and that means we are in full sponge candy mode here in Buffalo.

Sponge candy can be enjoyed at any time of year here in Western New York, but it's most popular and plentiful, when the weather turns colder and makes for a perfect candy during the holidays.

Sponge candy is hugely popular in Western New York. It's the homemade candy that helps set this region apart. Sponge candy can't really be found too many other places, other than Western New York.

I always get my dad a box of sponge candy for Christmas, and he loves orange chocolate, so l make sure it's orange chocolate-flavored sponge candy. It's a holiday tradition for us.

What makes the perfect sponge candy?

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It has to have quality chocolate covering it. Chocolate that tastes rich and melts in your mouth. But the honeycomb filling has to be light and tasty enough, with the perfect amount of sugar and crispness. It's an artform in Buffalo to perfect sponge candy.

We know about spots like Platter's, Watson's and Antoinette's, but what are some sponge candy places that might not get enough recognition? You know, the places that are popular with people who live close by, but maybe not as popular as they should be outside of that.

Here are seven of the most underrated places for sponge candy in Western New York.

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