Tell us what Grinds Your Gears and you could win prizes, and hear yours on air.

Every day we all have things that make us mad, annoy us, or are just plain stupid. It might be a driver, a co-worker, someone at the grocery store, laws, construction... you name it.

In Buffalo, there are plenty of great things and amazing people. It's not called the city of good neighbors for nothing! However, there are also plenty of things that suck. The Bills losing. The Weather. Potholes. The Sabres for 13 straight years... So many things can aggravate us, and that's what we like to call "What Grinds Your Gears."

Western New York, What Grinds Your Gears?

Tell us what Grinds Your Gears below and listen to Pat McMahon every weekday at 4:40 pm and 6:30 pm. He'll tell you what grinds his gears and share what grinds yours live on the air on 92.9 WBUF. Anyone who submits what grinds their gears below is also entered to win prizes as we have them.

No holds barred. Tell us what Grinds Your Gears:

Entry does not guarantee yours will be read on air. Prizes are awarded as they are available. Having your entry read on air does not guarantee a prize. 

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