The '90s is not only memorable for its music contributions; there are also some unforgettable phrases relative to the era that may no longer be used, but they're more than likely not used much any longer.

Here are a list of '20 Slang Words from the 90's That No Uses Anymore', according to  You can use them at our upcoming 90's Rewind Party...if you dare:

  1. All that and a bag of chips
  2. Kick him to the curb
  3. Home skillet
  4. Talk to the hand
  5. As if!
  6. Booyah!
  7. Scrub
  8. Not!
  9. Fart-Knocker
  10. Monet
  11. Aiight
  12. Crunk
  13. Whatever
  14. Fly
  15. Hella
  16. Gettin' Jiggy
  17. Sup
  18. Buggin Out
  19. Open Up A Can of
  20. You Go Girl

We'd l;love to see you at the 90's REWIND PARTY Friday, November 22nd, from 7 pm to midnight at Hotel Lafayette

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