Father's Day is right around the corner and if your dad is a golfer AND he likes to enjoy a cigar on the golf course, this newly developed gadget is for him. Actually, this newest invention is for anyone who likes to smoke a cigar and has a very convenient holder that will stick on any magnetic surface.

I enjoy a cigar while golfing. The problem is I lose more stogies than golf balls. I will rest them on the cart and drive off. I will leave them on the green, as I am going to putt, and I will forget it there. The traditional cigar grips were always falling off and often crushed my cigar to the point where it was non-smokable.

That was then, welcome to the future of cigar holders. The Cigar Assist is a clever, customizable, creation invented right here in Buffalo by a few golf enthusiasts and cigar aficionados at Buffalo Cigars.

Now it looks simple, but the magnet is strong and will stay connected on any magnetic surface, and as I used it while golfing it stayed connected on even the roughest surfaces (trust me I'm in the rough often). But the most unique feature comes into play when your cigar gets down to the band and burns lower into the holder. Underneath is a tiny hole (big enough to fit a golf tee into it) so you can poke in and push out the remaining cigar. Genious!

As you can see it is customizable. I "liberated' this particular holder from another radio station. They are great gifts to give to friends, family members, or client gifts. For me, this was the only thing that worked for me on the golf course.


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