Since the beginning of modern civilization, humans wanted to be entertained. Whether it was thru Vaudville or the circus, everyone was looking to be amazed, inspired, and to an extent, excited through being scared and frightened.

P.T Barnum and Harry Houdini are just a few names that changed the way people got their kicks to try and forget about life for a while.

Then the amusement park was invented and with that rides to excite, and to elevate the heartbeat. The faster, and the scarier was always better, and back in the day (1948), there was nothing better than The Comet at Crystal Beach in Ontario, Canada.

I remember spending most summers as a kid there. Either we went as a family or we were lucky enough to get approval for a school field trip. Back then getting over the border was so much easier. And it wasn't a long trip but as a kid, I was the one asking "Are we there yet"?

I had my first taste of Loganberry and waffle cones along with crystal rock candy. It was awesome. I enjoyed Crystal Beach through the 1970s right up until it closed up in 1989.

A friend's father collected and shared a bunch of vintage photos from the beach back-in-the-day and I wanted to share because I have a feeling that the memories will flood back to you as they did for me. holding hands with a classmate you had a crush on, sharing cotton candy, or even better yet...the first kiss.

Crystal Beach Back In The Day

Crystal Beach A Look Back

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