I’ve never been a big fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt. She made Party of Five almost unbearable to watch. Although I kind of feel bad for her. She seems to make poor decisions in love and life, choosing the wrong men and the wrong roles. But I think she found something that will keep her in the spotlight for a while: sex.

She’s got a new series called, The Client List. Its first season is just finishing (no pun intended) on Lifetime. The premise of the show is happy endings. And I’m not talking about fairytales; I’m talking about good, old-fashioned sex for money.

Yep. She’s a hooker. At a massage parlor.

Although I haven’t seen the show yet (I honestly didn’t even know the series began), I’m intrigued. Not because it’s kinky, but because I want to know where the story’s going to go. After all, Hewitt plays a single mother. What kind of example is she setting for her children? And who’s watching said children when she’s out pleasuring the masses?

It’s ironic to me that people have gotten their panties in a bunch over the book Fifty Shade of Grey because it’s kinky with some S&M. But the difference is no one is paying for kinky S&M in that book. Apparently a show featuring illegal sexual acts is OK though.

I’m not saying the show should be taken off the air. I really don’t get caught up in that BS. I hope it’s a good show and has a good run (even with JLW in it).

But my husband is never going to a massage parlor.


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