One college in Western New York is prepping for their active shooter drill on Tuesday morning, and they have been developing their protocol over the last 5 years. 

According to Niagara University, the campus Crisis Response Team established a training plan over 10 years ago. They established a plan of action should there ever be an active shooter situation on campus. 

This morning, there will be an active shooter drill to build on that same protocol at Niagara University. The drill begins at 10 A.M., according to Daybreak on WGRZ

Thankfully, these situations are rare. Still, precautions have been implemented to keep the students of Niagara University safe while fulfilling their educational dreams. 

Across the country, active shooter drills can be pretty scary for students if they are unannounced, so colleges in Western New York always try to make sure anyone who is planning to be on campus during the time of a drill is aware that there will be a drill taking place. 

It’s sad that we have to worry about something like this, for us and for our children, when all they are trying to do is go to school. Just last week, a kid at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana was killed in his residence hall

Hopefully these active shooter drills prevent these horrible outcomes and keep those students safe. 

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