Batman v Superman actress Amy Adams appeared on The Tonight Show March 25, where she, along with host Jimmy Fallon, showed off her best impromptu karaoke skills during a rousing game of "Box of Microphones."

During the game, in which guests select from an assortment of colored microphones, each corresponding to a different voice-changing module, Adams drew Rihanna's "Work" from a pile of random cards containing song titles. After selecting the the red microphone, the five-time Academy Award-nominated actress launched into a few bars of the tropical track — her voice morphing into a deep, scary, Batman-like vocal — all the while wiggling her hips and arms like the Barbadian pop star.

Meanwhile Fallon, known for his love of singing and doing celebrity impressions, could barely keep it together during his performance of "Sorry" by Justin Bieber, for which his voice morphed into that of Alvin from The Chipmunks.

But it gets better: During the mouth-full of a round called "Double Sing, Double Change Duet," both Adams and Fallon teamed up for a — yes, you guessed it — duet, the two performing the classic Grease jam "You're the One That I Want" while the folks in Fallon's audio booth continued to change their vocal effects throughout the song. From autotune to robot effects to chipmunks yet again, the two stars shifted through an assortment of hilarious voices during their energetic duet.

Watch below as Adams and Fallon play "Box of Microphones":

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