An isolated TORNADO is possible on Thursday, according to Aaron Mentkowski! Listen, it is a POSSIBILITY, like always with the weather, not a guarantee. It wouldn't be the first time it's happened in Western New York. Recently, we've seen small tornado sightings during severe weather.

According to the index, in the tweet, we could really see some heavy down pouring and flooding tomorrow. Of course, today we'll see some sunny skies and low humidity which will give way to a STORMY day on Thursday.

We don't have air conditioning in our house except for the bedroom and I'll tell you, we have get excited when it rains because that means that things usually cool off and it gets way less humid in the house. Though, the long streak of 90 degree weather was so, out of control in our house, because we live on the second floor, and well....heat rises, so at times we would see our house thermostat get to the mid 90's.

How did we combat it?

We got a styrofoam cooler, the ones that you can get from the gas station, and filled it with ice (we also used frozen water bottles so we could reuse them after they melted).  Cut 2 holes in the top and put a simple desk fan on one of the holes, so that the air passes by the ice (or frozen water bottles), cools down the air and wal-ah, you have a home made air conditioner.

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