It is not a revelation to state that the past year has had its ups and downs. The good,  bad and ugly have all been experienced by everyone, this is a fact of life and living through it. Some will even say: "Bad things do not happen to you, they happen for you."

Well, try telling that to an owner of a local small business here in Western New York. Especially if they are the proud owners of a bar or restaurant. First, they had to comply with a total shutdown of the business. Then they had to adjust to more rules and regulations that seemed to change daily. No capacity, limited capacity, regulated hours, no inside dining, only outdoor dining or take-out, curfews, masks, social distancing, uninvited visits from the New York State health inspectors, lawsuits, the list goes on. Unfortunately and very sad, some business was forced to close under all the new, made-up for the moment mandates. And yet most survived.

Well, now there is a new threat, and it is happening because of a new virus called COMPLACENCY.

According to Channel 4 WIVB restaurants are now being forced to cut hours of operation because of the lack of people looking for employment and those who are working are getting 'burned-out'.  Potential employees that are currently collecting unemployment, are making more than they would by actually working for a living. Lloyd's Taco trucks have been taken off the road because they do not have enough employees to cover two fronts, the brick and mortar store, and their roadside services. Casa Di Pizza will now be temporarily closed on Sundays (until football season).

It is really disheartening to see us, as a civilization, trying to "get back to normal" as all we tend to do is focus and obsess over masks, social distancing, and vaccinations. But what about focusing on work ethic, taking pride in being self-motivated, satisfaction in doing a job well done, and improving oneself both financially and socially by contributing to society?


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