Geez... took long enough? are we right? After 2... well.. almost 2 seasons with the Bill's Rex and his brother Rob have been let go today. If anybody knows best why the decision to part ways came down it is Rex himself.

Loosing records don't keep you jobs. After his 4 -12 season in 2014 when he coached the Jets he was let go and then came to the Bill's where in 2015 He managed a .500 season and in 2016 his was one game away from that.

He has also failed to make the playoffs in his last 6 seasons combined. It's also funny that they fired him before getting to face off against his old team one last time.

We at JACK like to think that its just football and let bygones be bygones, there will be another coach for us to yell at all season and another coach to give praise when (if) they can turn things around in Buffalo.

One thing we do know for sure is that we are from Buffalo and we love our Bills no matter what and that if Rex and Rob need a job they can come to JACK FM... we are all about hiring losers... I mean they did hire me.

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