I can't stop talking about it.

The other day I walked out my front door and there was a large bird flying low looking for food, I thought to myself 'no way that's a bald eagle in our front yard'. I ran to go get my phone so I could take a picture, but the bald eagle was already gone.

Now, it is cool seeing a bald eagle ANYWHERE in the wild. In fact, you may see them once in a while, especially in Western New York at Zoar Valley. But, I live in Lancaster. Like, next to the Lancaster High School. So, it is not like we live in hundreds of acres of woods.

So, when I tell my wife there's a bald eagle in the front yard, you have had to see the look on her face.

But, in fact, about an hour later we are about to head out, and while getting in the car, wouldn't you know--she spots the bald eagle, white head and all. We live right by Ellicott Creek, so we are assuming the bald eagle was looking for some fish or something because it has been hanging out in our yard for a few days now.

It is an incredible sight to see. I almost got kind of emotional seeing it that close, not to mention I've seen it a half-dozen times by now....in my YARD.

Take a look at some of the pictures, you have to see when it opened its wingspan---INCREDIBLE.

EXTRA: Does anyone remember when the one bald eagle made it to downtown Buffalo and crashed into the police station window? That bald eagle has made a full recovery and has been released back into the wild. Check that story out too, it's pretty cool! 

Bald Eagle Living in Lancaster, NY

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