How often do you really think about moving banks? Are you putting your money at the BEST bank? How do you know? Here is a list of all of the banks around Western New York and what each one pays you in interest:

  • Citizens Bank 2.35%
  • Five Star Bank 0.31%
  • Northwest  0.30%
  • Key Bank 0.25%
  • Alden 0.05%
  • Evans 0.05%
  • Lakeshore Savings 0.04%

The list, from also lists the minimum amount of money needed in each account for each specific amount of interest. For example. You can get the 2.35% return at Citizens Bank, but you need to have a minimum of $5,000 in the savings account.

What is the best strategy to save money? It is always one of the scariest things to look at. Your bank account and credit score is what I am talking about. A lot of financial experts will say that the first thing you need to do to turn yourself financially around will be to check those two things. It is so helpful to look at other people's strategies as well. How do other people save money? What are the best tips?

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