DONUTS!  We all love them right?  From Homer Simpson to Wayne & Garth, American's have been loving the donut for what seems like forever.  The love of the donut however goes way further back than the founding of the U.S.A.  In fact, there is a German cookbook from the year 1845, called Küchenmeisterei (Mastery of the Kitchen), that has a recipe that some consider the world's first donut.  And whether you spell it Donut or Doughnut, you're sure to agree that we have some pretty tasty donuts here in Western New York.

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And so does the website  They recently released a list of the best cities for donut lovers in the USA, and Buffalo checked in at #5!  Our Western New York neighbors to the east, Rochester, actually came in at #2 on the list.

Just what goes into being one of the best cities for donut lovers?  Well, used the following methodology;

"To find the best cities for donuts, we looked at the 150 most populated cities in the U.S. according to the Census Bureau's population estimates. We then used a database of more than 8 million business listings to determine the count of donut shops in any given city.

Then, we calculated the proportion of donuts (donut shops compared to all businesses), donuts per density (donut shops per square mile) and donuts per capita (donut shops per population) in each area. We weighted these factors, and the cities with the best overall score were determined to be the best cities for donuts in America."

According to their research, Buffalo has 18 donut stores per 100 residents. or 1.8 shops to choose from, for every 10 Buffalonians!

Now their study didn't really take into account the quality of the donuts themselves, which we all know is a big part of picking your favorite Donut Shop.

What's your go-to Donut and shop in WNY?

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