GAS PRICES!  It seems to be the only thing people are talking about these days.  And for good reason.  The average price of gas has skyrocketed across the country, and here in Western New York over the last week.

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According to AAA, prices are up nearly .40 cents a gallon over the last week, .90 cents a gallon over the last month, and $1.50 a gallon over the last year here in the Western New York region.

Credit - AAA
Credit - AAA

The prices across New York have aslo been on the rise.

Credit - AAA
Credit - AAA

Which has all of us hunting for the cheapest gallon that we can find.  And there is one station here in Western New York, that has consistently been one of the cheapest there is when it comes to the cost of gas per gallon.

The Seneca One Stop Buffalo Creek station, located at 180 Perry St in Buffalo, is the newest gas station downtown, which is a good thing as there aren't many options in the downtown area.  The problem with it is, the station is at the same time the best, and the worst gas station that there is in Western New York.

How can a place be both the best, and the worst at the same time?  Allow me to explain.

WHY IT'S THE BEST - The station is brand-spanking new.  It features a Dunkin' (I am biased as this is my coffee of choice) where you can grab a breakfast sandwich or your favorite donut, and a fresh cup of Dunkin coffee while your tank fills up.  They also have a Dunkin' Drive-thru.  They feature 14 brand new pumps, which pump quickly and have chip/tap payment options. Plus the station houses the Seneca One Stop store, offering snacks, drinks, cigars, and tobacco.  And, they always have some of the cheapest gas to be found in Western New York.

This all sounds pretty great, right? Well, now let me tell you why it's the worst gas station there is.

WHY IT'S THE WORST - The design of the parking lot and the location of the pumps is absolutely awful.  Whoever designed the layout for this station should be fired.  Each of the pumps only has one nozzle on each side, and the space on either side of the pump is barely big enough to fit one car.  With the low prices, the station is always crowded, and when cars are at all of the pumps, long lines start to form.  The lines make it impossible to get into the parking lot if you are looking to get into the store.  The line entering from the Perry Street side also blocks the entrance to the Dunkin' Drive-Thu, so be prepared to wait if you are just there for a coffee.

The other problem when the lines start to form is that they start to spill out into the streets.  There have been numerous times when I have tried to navigate the intersection of Michigan Avenue & Perry Street and have gotten stuck in complete gridlock.  People will block the streets as they wait in line for their turn at the pump.

The station is a great thing for downtown, as more gas stations were definitely needed.  But something needs to be done with the traffic flow into their parking lot. Unless you get there before 9 am, be prepared to wait a very long time for your cheap gas.

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