Buffalo may have many disappointed sports fans, but that may be the reason that we're better at other things....like drinking. There's even a whole event dedicated to beer, Buffalo On Tap that has hundreds and hundreds of different kinds of beer there every year.

But, every good Buffalo beer drinker knows that some of the best bars aren't the ones that need a pinky up and an endless credit card tab. That's because Buffalo and Western New York is home to some of the best bars that have the best atmosphere that feels like home where you can get a pop for not even 2 bucks.

Who else should be on this list?

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    Elma's gold mine for fun. It's a mini bar that blares classic rock and country music 24/7. It's cheap and in the Summer you can head in the back yard and play games. It gives you the feeling of being in your backyard.

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    Might be the coolest Summer bar outside in WNY. It's a tiki bar with bands and if you have your clubs with you, go ahead and hit some balls too--don't worry if there's dogs there, they'll bring the balls back.

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    Green Buffalo Pub

    Sometimes called the GBP, it's the #1 local watering hole-in-the-wall in Lancaster. Your friends are always there and expect the place to get rowdy with sing-a-longs by midnight. It's tradition to go after Christmas Eve festivities for a beer at midnight.

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    The Nine Eleven Tavern

    South Buffalo has some of the best watering holes in the area, but this place takes the cake for having cheap, greatest wings around.

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