Buffalo, New York is home to the chicken wing and MANY places that make them. The question is, in 2022, who makes the BEST wing in the wing capital of the world?

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There are literally hundreds of places in Western New York that serve wings. The truth is if it's locally owned it's almost definitely good. However, people have their preferences. We posted on our Facebook page on National Wing Day who has the beast wins in WNY. As you can see, there were MANY suggestions.

So we had to narrow it down somehow. Between what people said on this post, to suggestions texted to us on our free WBUF App, we narrowed it down to 6, somehow to vote for. They are:

  1. Barr Bill
  2. Duff's
  3. Wingnutz
  4. Elmo's
  5. 911 Tavern
  6. Kelly's Korner
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All these places have INCREDIBLE wings, and if you don't agree with any of these, we get it. People are loyal to their favorites. No participation trophies here though. These were the most suggested, so they are here to vote for. These are the best overall wings, not a single recipe. Some places have one particular wing that is done better than everyone else's version, but we're too lazy to do it by type of wing.

Note that Anchor Bar didn't make it. It did get a nomination. A lot of Buffalonians have some heat (pun intended) toward Anchor Bar for "selling out" and being a "tourist trap" even though it is where the wing was created. Hot take though: Anchor Bar is good. Best? I personally think that goes to Bar Bill. The idea that Anchor Bar has bad wings is ridiculous though. I've been there very recently, and it was delicious. I don't blame them for embracing the gimmick. It is a business after all. I think we all just saw them featured before NFL games and such too much and got sick of them being the only place ever featured. To me, though, they are just a victim of their own success and we should go easier on them. I like Anchor Bar and you should visit.

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