For years, we may have been living a lie.

If you ever felt ashamed for ordering ranch at a restaurant, I am with you. Some people just like ranch more, ok? And maybe those people are not in the minority as we might have thought. 

One Western New Yorker published an anonymous confession on social media last night, and it sparked a bit of an uproar…probably because most people agreed. 

Do people actually Like blue Cheese, or do y'all lie to yourselves to not be social outcasts? I know its sacrilegious to eat ranch with wings in Buffalo, but tbh for me Blue cheese is one of the nastiest things I’ve ever tasted (and i'm not even a picky eater at all). Even growing up in the more eastern part of Upstate NY blue cheese is the standard with wings even though it's socially tolerated to ask for ranch.”

A lot of the responses were all over the place, but it showed that not everyone likes blue cheese as you might have thought. 

One person threw shade about people making their blue cheese obsession their entire personality.

Other people were…angry, to say the least. 

“Please respectfully... turn in your buffalo residency card.”

Maybe the blue cheese alternatives are more widely enjoyed than we thought….

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