Will it never end?

They say it comes in threes right? Lets hope Rex Ryan getting the axe was the 2nd and this can be the 3rd cause we don't know how much more America can take.

The beloved Carrie Fisher has past away today (12-27-16) at 60 years old.

Known most for her work as Princess Leia on "Star Wars" and making every 70's 80's and even 90's kids have a fantasy red sexy leather on a princess.

She also appeared in "The Blue Brothers" "The Burb's" "When Harry met Sally" and many others. She also dated Paul Simon and was even briefly engaged to Dan Akroyd

We will never forget her most icon line ever:

The buns, the on screen character she made come to life, even Blink 182 wrote a song about her being the most awesome girlfriend you could ever hope for! R.I.P Carrie and thank you for all you did.

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