Remember back in February...yeah neither do we...but thankfully we have the internet.

When Justin Timberlake had to postpone his concert here in Buffalo, he apologized to us on national TV. He also said some choice words that apparently Buffalonians haven't forgot.

"If for some reason you are not satisified, Jimmy Fallon will come to your house and give you a full body message. I'm talking about hot stones, wax, everything."

Now, Buffalo doesn't want a body massage, thankfully, and we know it was a joke. But we still would like Jimmy Fallon to come to Buffalo and film 'The Tonight Show' here. Let's see if we can make that happen. Some locals have started a group online and on Facebook,, where you can see adorable videos like this little girl telling Jimmy he could stay at their house.

Jack FM is not officially part of the group, but we still think it's an awesome idea! If he does come, we will try and talk him into Hi-Jacking our station.

It goes to show how much love the people of Buffalo have for whatever the cause may be...much like the town rallying to keep the Bills in Buffalo. Sure, there are people who are here that don't like it, don't care, think it is stupid, don't want to be a part of whatever it is going on in their own city...and to that, all we have to say is...thanks for talking about it.

This is a beautiful town with beautiful culture and a passion unlike any most of you know, sometimes too passionate. We are who we are...and we love making noise. Jack FM is all about Fallon coming to Buffalo...even if it isn't to record his show. Stop in and say hi to a wonderful place to be. Jack FM loves you, Buffalo. Jimmy, if you're looking for options on a place to say, we could bust out another floor mat in our studio for you, buddy.

Check out these links for more on the group:

Hashtag: #BF2Buffalo

Facebook: @BF2Buffalo

Twitter: @BF2Buffalo

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