He's known as "The Schnowman."  It's actually a name he gave himself.  And now, he's releasing a line of ice cream sundaes through The BFLO store.

They're calling it the Schnow Sundae and it's only available through the BFLO Store’s Café & Creamery in The BFLO Store in the McKinley Mall.

But that's not all they'll be offering.  They'll also showcase The Shnow-Man Cone, and the Shnow Blizzard soon.

(Press Release From William Raymond Communications)
(Press Release From William Raymond Communications)

In a press release he says,

“You already shnow that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put my signature style on the Shnowman’s favorite dessert,” says Dawkins. “Whether you are treating yourself to my Shnow Sundae topped with gummy bears and white chocolate syrup, a Shnow-man cone with three different sized scoops or a Shnow Blizzard, you can bet that The Shnowman approves.”

With 6 locations across Western New York, The BFLO Store's mission is to "build the hype surrounding the great City of Buffalo, New York, by building on Buffalo’s historic legacy and looking to the future. BFLO supports more than one-hundred local artisans, vendors, and small businesses, furthering their quest to build on the recent resurgence of Buffalo and Western New York."

If you're anxious to try it, it's available now.  Hopefully you will be able to celebrate another big Bills win on Sunday with a Sundae!  But again it's only at the McKinley Mall BFLO Store.

For more on the BFLO Store click here.

McKinley Mall 716-822-1160 Hours: 10-9 Monday-Saturday, 11-6 Sunday


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