We tried not to let the preseason be an indication of what the Buffalo Bills would look like once they kicked it off for real in 2012. Unfortunately, by the end of the first quarter of the Bills opener, fans were left scratching their heads and jumping off the proverbial bandwagon. And no, it wasn't Tim Tebow, causing the stomach nausea, it was Mark Sanchez.

The Bills dropped $100 million on Mario Williams, brought in Mark Anderson from the Patriots, and had Kyle Williams back in the fold. So where was this vaunted pass rush? The Jets used a series of quick timing routes that left the Bills pass rush ineffective. Which leads to the deficiencies in the secondary. Even as a bench player, Leodis McKelvin was picked on all day by the Jets. Every time he was on the field, Sanchez threw the ball his way. Our number one draft pick Stephon Gilmore showed he has a long way to go, getting beat on a touchdown, on a pump fake and go by the Jets Steven Hill. Fantasy GM's all over will be picking Hill up after he racked up the most touchdowns for a Jets rookie receiver in franchise history and made the Bills corners look silly all day. Forget Tebow-time, Mark Sanchez looked like Aaron Rodgers against a Bills defense that allowed 266 pass yards and 3 Touchdowns. And who the heck is Jeremy Kerly? He caught a touchdown and returned a punt for a touchdown (nyuk, nyuk, nyuk).

It's not like the offense helped. Rex Ryan has Ryan Fitzpatrick figured out, with the Jets secondary jumping on routes all day. Fitzpatrick threw 3 interceptions, the last going to the house. The lone bright spot for the Bills was C.J. Spiller who ran for 169 yards, breaking two long runs. The Bills are going to have to find a way to get Spiller on the field, which won't be a problem this week against the Chiefs. There is no way Fred Jackson is coming back for game 2. Let's hope the Bills don't pull a Custer against the Chiefs, or this season is in trouble. It's time to rethink the spread offense and get back to basics. A good ole fashioned hardcore running attack, with two tight ends would help. Limit mistakes and make the opposition drive on a long field. The Bills just don't have the personnel to run a wide open attack.

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