The Bills won a super important game yesterday and the Bills sent out a video to celebrate...but what the heck is it?

Every game is an important game, but yesterday's game was big.  It was an AFC team that the Bills have seen in the playoffs before and will probably see again this year.  So to go down 20-3 early then pull out a win was pretty impressive.  It's a win that Mitch Morse says the Bills are proud of, and they should be.

But are they still drunk today?

They just sent this video out on Twitter to celebrate their "big dub."

It is quite possibly one of the most random spatterings of video content we've ever seen.

It's almost a little creepy.  With the sounds of the late 90's internet and haunting horror movie sounds playing in the background they mash up some random pictures of Buffalo Bills like Stefon Diggs and Von Miller wearing funny hats with short video clips of stuff like Sponge Bob Squarepants and random meme videos.

The point of the video is to get you to follow them on Tik Tok where they have more of that kind of stuff.

But while people are wondering what the heck is going on behind the keyboards at One Bills Drive, they've got people talking about their social media pages now, don't they?

My question is whether we're going to see more of these random videos for every big dub they get this season?  And if they can add the little bird with the train horn into every single one of them...

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