Baseball is back in Buffalo!

The Buffalo Bisons returned home this week after being away from their home stadium for over 700 days! There are so many great things happening at the ballpark for the remainder of the summer and the Buffalo Bisons invite you back for a special price.

Get your tickets now to see the Buffalo Bisons return to Sahlen Field this week! Fireworks, giveaways, and even a chance for the kids to run the bases will all be part of the festivities as the Bisons return to downtown Buffalo.

We spoke to the Buffalo Bisons this week about the return and all the great things that your family can enjoy far as little as $10 per ticket! There was even an added bonus if you wish to buy season tickets for the 2022 Buffalo Bisons baseball season you will be able to attend the rest of this season for free!

One of the coolest things Buffalo Bisons do for families is allow kids to run the bases following the game on Sunday. Our son Hank just wrapped up his T-ball season and one of his favorite things to do was just circle around home to 1st to 2nd to 3rd and back. And to be able to do that on a major league park like the BuffaloBisons have here in downtown Buffalo, that is going to be a thrill for any kid.

Opening day will occur this Tuesday, August 10, and there are 23 games on the schedule at home. Ordinarily speaking the Buffalo Bisons would open their home season in April here in western New York. But 80° sunshine and ice cold drinks sure makes it sound like a great afternoon for baseball and Buffalo.

Visit the Buffalo Bisons website for more information and get your tickets for the next couple of games here at home or to reserve your seasons tickets for the 2022 season and get those free games for the rest of the summer.

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