All you're trying to do is help someone out and do a good deed. But in the end, it always comes back to bite you in the ass. No good deed goes unpunished. Don't believe me? I have proof.

Public Displays of Affection; either you're OK with it, or you're a prude who wants everyone to live the way you live. I saw some PDA last night, and the people with all the PDA got pissed off at me, even though all I was trying to do was help them out! What happened is proof that no good deed goes unpunished.

I had just walked into Wegmans on Dick road, and right there, as I walk in, a couple is making out. Right there in the produce section. I can think of a few better places to go at it than the produce section, but hey...whatever butters your corn.

But this couple was so into their PDA session that at one point, the guy backed into the broccoli bin. Not only does he knock a few pieces on the ground, but now his ass is grinding against the broccoli. I happen to like broccoli! And now the thought of that guy's ass grinding on the broccoli bin will be stuck in my head every time I go to Wegmans. For too long. *shudder*

And of course, you have a bunch of people not just staring but doing the whole talking under their breath thing. Now in my head, here's what was happening: First, I can't stop thinking about the tainted broccoli, pun fully intended. But then it hits me, so I pull out my phone and start giving them directions. "OK, that's good, but move your hand up under her shirt! Spin her around! Grab her ass from behind, come on! Let me see how hot you are for him!" Apparently, though, they had it all under control because before I could even get my video app open, the guy flipped me off, and they left.

Yeah. He flipped me off. What did I do? I was just trying to help capture a moment. People are just really ungrateful.

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