In Buffalo, we’re not strangers to the drink: Tailgating starts as early as The Powers That Be at the Ralph will allow, and we have one of the latest last calls in the country. Which is why I was surprised to come upon a Buffalo drinking game I had never heard of, even if it didn’t originate in the Queen City.

Like most drinking games, this contest’s rules have different interpretations across the country, but they all center on one thing: While drinking your adult beverage of choice, you must drink from your non-dominant hand.

Catch someone on a foul play? Call “Buffalo,” and they must finish their Blue.

But beware, because should you assume your partymate is a righty when he’s actually a lefty, he can call you on a “False Buffalo” and turn the tables on you to chug your Rusty Chain.

The brilliance of the Buffalo drinking game is this: The game has no start, no end, and it’s unnecessary to announce a game of Buffalo is even happening.

You now have your weekend icebreaker. You’re welcome.

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