An episode of Family Feud premiered this week that had every Western New Yorker’s attention after they channeled their inner Bills Mafia on live television. 

The Smith Family had a second chance to take the game on Family Feud, so they got pumped up for it the best way they knew how.


Watch the video below. 

“That’s exactly how you do it!” one Western New Yorker shared on Facebook. 

I’d call the Smiths my kind of family. 

It seems like Buffalo and Bills Mafia is just everywhere – even babies are singing Let’s Go Buffalo! 

Lancaster's Ashley Panek shared a video of her toddler singing the Bills' Hey-Ey-Ey-Ey as she woke up in her crib. Everyone on Facebook could not get enough of it and we can't say we disagree.
Watch the video of perhaps the youngest member of the Bills Mafia here: Lancaster Toddler In Crib Wakes Up Singing Bills Song.

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