As you could have probably assumed, the Buffalo New Year's Eve ball drop will be virtual this year. The ball, which usually drops at the electric tower in downtown Buffalo, attracts thousands and thousands of people. In fact, it has found its way to the second largest ball drop in the United States behind New York City.

The ball will still drop this year, but there will be no crowd. There will be a place that you can watch it online and the details will be revealed later this week.

It got us thinking, though. We have a great idea. It involved GETTING RID OF THE BALL. What do you think about this one?

Also, this is a genius idea and we need to put this out there so that the powers of Buffalo can hear this. Now, Clay Moden has been saying this for years and I think it is time we start putting some action behind this.

What if we got away from the ball drop and lowered a massive chicken wing (fake, of course) and lowered it into a pool of blue cheese as the clock struck midnight?

It's genius.

It's the most Buffalo thing ever and it would get national attention. In other cities, they use other things other than a ball drop. For instance, in Texas cities, they use a boot and drop it for the New Year. How have we not done the chicken wing drop in Buffalo? It's time.

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