Jack wants to give a big thank you to The Buffalo News today for informing us about a brand-new, fun, exotic festival that's going on in Buffalo. It's amazing that we didn't know about it until now, but better late than never, as they say.

Not catching my drift? Why don't you take a look at the top line of the Riviera sign in the background of the photo above. Ahhh, yes, Jack's got a keen eye for these types of things. Who knew Canalfest could be so...dirty.

The only problem is that the Buffalo News is teasing us. Jack wants to know where this festival is and how to get involved! No more lounging around after the Fourth of July, my friends -- it's time to hit up this amazing event and tell all your friends about it! Just remember, you heard it from Jack first.

Never a dull moment in Buffalo, is there? The Buffalo News...your thank you card is in the mail.

Contributed by Brandon Kilijanski

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