Imagine that you are getting ready to attend your child’s graduation…only to find that they will not be there. 

Come to find out, your kid will not be graduating or moving on to the next level in their academic career. 

A handful of Buffalo Public School parents faced this reality after they only recently found out that their kid will not be graduating at Dr. Lydia T. Wright School on Wednesday, June 22. 

All 8th graders should be preparing to walk across the graduation stage as they advance to high school. Unfortunately, more than a few students will not be able to do so. 

Parents found out during an emergency press conference on Tuesday that out of 65 students in the class, there would be only 8 students graduating. After some pushback from parents, the school agreed to move 17 students up to the 9th grade.

Parents are frustrated with the school’s decision, not only due to the late notice, though that is a factor. They are also upset at the circumstances not being measured appropriately, as BPS was the last school district to return to classes and there’s a bus driver shortage, causing a lot of students to be picked up late and dropped off late.

Some of the parents have voiced their frustrations to local news outlets, including News 4 and WGRZ, saying that they did not hear whether or not their kid was struggling in school and how they wish that the school made these issues more transparent. 

The Buffalo Public School District released an official statement to WGRZ in response

“We know and appreciate that an 8th grade completion and participation in a Moving Up ceremony is a milestone for the students and parents/caregivers. With that in mind, the Principal has been providing learning opportunities throughout the year for students to catch up on their work, and has shared that all academic concerns have been communicated with the students’ parents throughout the year. The Principal is reaching out to affected families to discuss how to proceed.”

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