James Davis of Buffalo says he was scared to death,

"It scared me half to death, I heard something go pop, pop, pop," 

According to News Reports, Davis' comment was relative to the shooting of a 12-year old boy shot on Hurlock Street in Buffalo recently.  The report says the boy's Grandmother (Pumpkin), shared what the experience was like when her Grandson was     shot while innocently watching a movie with his Grandfather.  The grandmother said that after the shots rang out, she heard her 12 year old Grandson suddenly saying,

"papa, I'm hit, he said somebody hit me, somebody hit me."

The boy's Grandmother, according to News Reports, said the bullet hit the boy in the shoulder, missing his head by inches. She also added,

"It has to be stopped, we got to think of our grandbabies, our kids. Whoever doing this dirty work can y'all please stop. Could you all stop!"

Many people are becoming more and more fearful, much like James Davis, who, according to the reports, said that he tries not to say anything to the young gangsters for fear he might be shot.

News Reports say that since June 1, there have been 22 homicides....10 in July sone.

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