You may have seen the subscription boxes that people get every month.  They'll send you a selection of just about anything from clothes, to snacks...and now in Buffalo, you can get wine.

These subscription boxes are there to offer people a variety of things that they can try out or taste and then if they like what they try, they can go and buy more of it.  They're kind of just like samplers for people.

With so many of the festivals, tastings, and events being cancelled last year, it's been hard for restaurants to get people to come try their products.  So according to WKBW, one local restaurant is bringing their product to the people instead.

They're called Billy Club Restaurant and they teamed up with Step Out Buffalo to create the Buffalo Booze Box.  It's a selection of wines and high end spirits that are packed up and sent right to your door, complete with tasting notes.

"You'll see the options there for either a monthly, reoccurring subscription, you can buy just one box, or you could get a three or six month box subscription. That's just like a limited term that you can gift to someone else." - Jake Strawser, co-owner of Billy Club.

You can choose the subscription that best fits what you're looking for from a one time purchase, a six month purchase, a three month purchase, or a recurring month to month subscription that you order right from their website.

I've always found that these subscriptions make awesome gifts for people.  If you know they like something like wine or bourbon, but you don't know what kinds they like specifically, it's a good opportunity to help them find something new that they do like.

To make it even better, you don't even have to leave the safety of your own home.  They'll bring it right to you!

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