If you’re a female robber with a ridiculous rack, why would you even need to wear a mask? All eyes are on your “prizes.” (Just make sure to refrain from saying, “Eyes up here!”)

This was pretty much proven true when a chesty blonde pilfered a gas station in Australia using only a knife and a low-cut top. Cops have dubbed her, the “Buxom Bandit,” and she remains at large despite failing to disguise her face and using her bare, fingerprint-leaving hand to snag the cash from the clerk.

One local DJ voiced his support for the well-endowed wanted criminal, coining the phrase, “Free the Gold Coast Two!” But the best suggestion that they made was having a lineup. How would that work? Get a bunch of busting ladies all together? If so, we definitely wanna participate in the selection process.

In all seriousness, this isn’t a bad idea — just executed poorly. Counter clerks are less likely to whip out the shotgun when trying to contain their “cannon.” Talk about confused blood flow, it’s like a ballroom blitz.

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