Children's Tylenol, AKA Acetaminophen, and Children's Advil and Motrin, AKA Ibuprofen, are completely sold out at pharmacies and grocery stores across the state. This is especially true near the US/Canadian border in the state in places like Western New York and the North Country.

Why, though, is this happening? First, it can not be denied we have entered a particularly tough sick season. COVID numbers, as well as Flu and RSV, are spiking statewide, leading to completely filled pediatric hospital wards statewide. This season has specifically affected children compared to previous years. It's a major concern for doctors and parents and many wonder if masking should return to schools. As a result, kids' cold medications are selling more than ever. So that certainly plays a role in supply.

However, Canada is also having a major surge of the same sicknesses while having a massive shortage of these basic medications. Read more about that here: CTV.com. It's caused understandably desperate parents to cross the now open borders into New York State and buy out the medications at stores.

This is a major problem. These medications are vital to controlling fevers at home, let alone pain management. CBS News covered the issue nationwide and specifically the problem in Buffalo just before Thanksgiving, CLICK HERE. 

One way I have found to get medication is to order it online from places like Amazon. I recommend ordering a bottle now rather than when you need it because chances are stores locally will not have it.

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