Bad news for the monogamists out there: according to a new survey, fully a third of people thinking cheating on a partner is sometimes okay.

Hundreds of people were polled on their views regarding betrayal and cheating by Bad Online Dates, which found Americans now accept many behaviors that would’ve been deemed shameful or promiscuous in decades past.

For example, three-quarters of people would be open to having a threesome, and 67 percent said they don’t believe humans are meant to be with only one person.

In addition, only three percent of respondents considered watching porn as a form of infidelity — something Bad Online Dates founder Jennifer Kelton thinks is closely tied to a revised definition of cheating.

“We are exposed to naked bodies and bad behaviors everywhere — on the internet, in reality TV, through news headlines and also in overtly sexual advertising,” Kelton explains. “Seeing it everywhere makes it seem okay. It has changed what we think of as normal.”

Kelton wonders if celebrity behavior is affecting us, too. Pointing to the increasing number of younger respondents who think getting drunk and making out with a stranger is okay, she laughed, “Watching the sloppy drunken cast make-out on ‘Jersey Shore’ makes me wonder what kind of sexual examples are being set for that generation.”

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