Spring is in the air, okay minus the two days that Old Man Winter was still flexing his muscles.  But as the snow melts, the flowers and trees start budding there is another noticeable scene that is happening on the ground. The trash, garbage, and grime that has been covered under a blanket of snow.

Volunteers are organizing and gathering to help to create a cleaner Erie Canal community during Canal Clean Sweep. WIVB reports that the Canal Clean Sweep is going on this weekend and what better way to get outside, get some exercise and help the very community we share.

There are more than 100 events going on stretching along the 524-mile long canal trail so I am sure that social distancing of six feet apart will not be an issue. Volunteers will also be responsible for wearing masks, using hand sanitizer, and just general common sense. After all, we all have been living the life of masked, social mindfulness, and self-awareness for over a year. It should be second nature to us all.

Hopefully, more people in other areas around Western New York will start to take notice. Maybe the clean-up initiative will overtake everyone in every community.  I know the Elmwood Avenue and Allentown party and business district, a clean-up crew is greatly needed and I am sure would be greatly appreciated.

But it has to start within the unity of the community.


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