Christmas is literally around the corner and I wanted to put together a cool action toy buying guide.  Well after contacting several companies for use of pictures, only one responded.  Hasbro!  Which rocks cause Hasbro has two-thirds of everything I would buy (if I had kids).  So if you're heading out in the next couple days keep these cool toys in mind.

Let's roll old school first.  I always wanted one of these as a kid to ride in, but I suppose this is close enough. The Stars Wars AT-AT!!  This thing is two feet tall, over 28 inches long, and a foot wide.  You can actually put action figures inside it.  This is if only Hasbro can make one that I can ride in.

 We'll stay with the Star Wars theme for a second, so I had a Y-Wing fighter model when I was a kid but unfortunately I tried to make it fly.  Back in the 80's toys didn't fly, but in the 10's they do!! Check out this sweet remote controlled Millennium Falcon.  Will it make the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs? I dunno, but I'm pretty sure it'll go from the living room to the kitchen in the same amount of time.

Moving on to GI Joe, it looks as though Hasbro has my demographic nailed.  They have a ton of cool action figures and vehicles.  I wanted to feature the "Doom Cycle" .  Cobra had the cool vehicles when I was a kid, glad to see the Joe's step it up with this cool ride!

There's also a ton of movie action figures from Marvel's Iron Man to Spider Man, Captain America to Thor!  Now I just saw the preview for the new Thor movie coming out and I can't wait to see it.  Hasbro is way ahead of the curve and already has the "Thor" action figure out on the market.

This post wouldn't be complete without some "Transformer's" action toys.  I haven't seen the Shia LeBeouf action figure yet, and please Hasbro DO NOT make one. It's bad enough he's in the movies.  Hasbro did a pretty good job with the updated Optimus Prime and Starscream. 

I'm completely blown away by some of these toys.  So if you're looking for some last minute gifts I think these will finish off any one's wish list.

Here's a pdf of the complete buying guide 2010 Hasbro Boys Brands Gift Guide Master